Beautiful day in the neighborhood?

The day didn’t start out like that with noise polluting mowers and trimmers about… But the sun is shining and the sky is a bright blue. The baby trees and bushes they planted in this new development are thriving, and who can’t feel good about that?

Last night returning from watching “Top Gun” in a large theater and believe me it was worth it; I found two very tired ladies in the lobby. Apparently they had been using Lysol and Pine-Sol on all the surfaces and handrails because there have been cases of Covid and bronchitis here ending in hospital stays. Yes we are all fifty-five and over but it’s not a nursing home or care facility, it’s just a federal government subsidized complex and there shouldn’t be this many health problems.

There’s a lot of socialization and meal sharing going on in the lobby which is one of the reasons my daughter thought it would be great for me to live here. And just when I was thinking about dipping my toe in that water, I hear the old Jaws theme in my head.

I don’t want to get Covid again, I do not want to go to the hospital, I don’t even want to be sick at all—so call me a paranoid wimp but I have been perfectly happy here pretty much to myself in my new apartment and I think for a while I’ll stay that way.

Wear your masks, use sanitizer on your hands—it’s still lurking, and adding new ways to make you sick, so stay safe and well!


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