One minute, thirty-five seconds

That’s how long it took to play the “Star Spangled Banner”. The “Star Spangled Banner” is the USA national anthem. Is it too much to ask for sports teams on the sidelines to pay attention to their country’s flag for one minute and 35 seconds? Is that too long to pay a tribute to the land you are privileged to live in?

Watching sports in particular I see people talking, running around, walking, jumping up and down—hardly anyone has a hand over their heart anymore or taking their beloved ball cap off! I think this is a basic problem of disrespect that showed itself completely and horrifically on January 6.

4 thoughts on “One minute, thirty-five seconds

    1. Absolutely they are linked. The cops represent the state. The anthem represents the state.

      Why should anybody feel privileged to be a part of a state which acts so badlky toward them?


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