Turf Wars – a poem

As a person who grew up with the gift of land all around me, and lived in cities since 19, I much appreciate these thoughts: REBLOG!☺️

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First of all, apologies for the video quality but when the sun went in it kept me in silhouette and I prefer to see less of me.

This is a poem called Turf Wars. It’s about the modern tendency to rip up grass, either to park cars or avoid mowing. Sometimes it’s necessary or understandable but it’s happening too often. Or at least you’d feel that way if you were a bee or butterfly.

Anyway, a few thoughts…

A Turf War’s going on out there/The bees are lost the worms are scared/The blackbirds starve because some berk/Ripped up his turf to park his Merc/He put in plastic gravel slate/Some cameras on his garden gate/He’s never seen a thrush or crow/He never misses Ocado/We want to build more potting sheds/We want to dig more flower beds/We want to replace slabs with turf/ Dig up the gravel and dump some earth/Grow sunflowers…

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