Guess we could give up…

Where is the conciliatory pathos in the total group of congress people who are sitting in judgment of the newest nominee (Jackson) for the Supreme Court? There were plenty when that (man, and I use the term loosely) Kavanaugh was in the hot seat.

I guess we could revive all the ancient biased oppressive laws of past centuries and keep endorsing people like Cruz, Abbott, Hawley, Graham, McConnell and Blackburn; all who undoubtedly will vote no.

We can succumb to our nonchalant living as if those people do not have influence that is scary, even mind boggling in their prejudice, and hiding behind their so called religious beliefs. We could do that. But that is cowardly and Ms. Jackson deserves better.

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  1. This is such a well-written response to this issue! I hadn’t personally heard of the entire situation, as I’m not in the United States, but I love your poignant way of voicing your opinion.

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