SoCS – Trip


Lately I’ve been taking a trip to war zones with the Cordell Logan mysteries, written by David Freed. Cordell is one of those characters I love, former Seal, etc. If you decide to listen to this series, skip “Fangs Out” as it is narrated by a horrid monotone boring person. Read it instead.😉

You will have to excuse my use of “o” and “i” mistakes as they sometimes get by my tired old eyes. At least if something comes across as shocking using them, you’ll know why. 🙄

Yesterday I had the privilege of riding around with my daughter and her daughter- we are 75, 50, and 25. We always have a fun time and noticed we all made slight groans getting back into the car which caused unified laughter. Mine from sitting too long in the wheelchair, my daughter walking too long on her bad knee and my granddaughter having had hip surgery she’s still recovering from. What a trio!😀 No matter. It’s always a fun trip!

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