EM Sunday Ramble

Here are the questions:

  1. Are there any applications on your mobile device, tablets, etc. that you cannot live without? Feel free to ramble about them! Maybe we will learn new apps that will become important in our own lives.
  2. Do you prefer Apple or Android?
  3. Windows OS or MacOS?
  4. What do you wish that you would have placed in a time capsule 15+ years ago to have access to now?
  5. When you think of the what the world will look like 50 years from now, what does that future look like through your eyes? Go as sci-fi and/or fantasy as you would like and ramble on however you wish to ramble 🙂

An app I like on my iPad is Boy Howdy Free Jigsaw Puzzles. No ads and lovely pics to choose from.

I like Apple for its compatibility with iPad and iPhone. Before I had this phone I loved my Samsung Android which had some features I miss, such as the bottom clear all tab and the backup feature.

I have no idea but probably basically the same with less good air, less animals and plant life, and worse radical personalities.


5 thoughts on “EM Sunday Ramble

  1. Nice to meet you, Bag Lady 🙂 Welcome to my rambles! My sis likes Apple for the same reason as you do, plus I think it is all she has ever known. My Samsung is my e-baby 🙂 I would be lost without it. Great answers! I am so glad to have you join us!

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