MLMM Wordle #275


The playboy had reached a stalemate with his new choice. It seemed she enjoyed the Valentine’s Day roses, the slender nylon stockings trimmed in black lace, and even smiled at the helium balloons he added for a laugh. He fumbled the play he thought, taking her wrists in his hands. He thought this holiday display would cinch the deal but he was mistaken. The woebegone woman couldn’t let the thorns of her past trials let him in. He had tried and failed, not his usual experience. He left, slightly daunted, but wait, is that a curvy natural blonde down the street?


4 thoughts on “MLMM Wordle #275

  1. OMG YES!!!! Jim Croce was the background music to my life….college may have totally sucked but those songs…those songs gave me hope.

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