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I had the “fortune” to watch my granddaughter’s basketball games today . It was televised and we played Sheridan High School in Wyoming. I can only watch. There is no sound and sometimes no time or score shown. It’s videoed by a computer which is irritating.

You won’t remember but Sheridan was an obnoxious set of parents and game players when I watched one of my grandsons play soccer a few years ago.

Since this is SoCS I will tell you I have a hard time seeing the benefit to students when refs for the school we visited completely bend the rules and encourage their players to commit uncalled fouls, stand and laugh when we suffer a false foul that didn’t exist. Students on the sidelines laughed and cheered at every opportunity. This is not sportsmanship. It is cheating. These refs are adults!

You may think this a tempest in a teapot but where do you think kids taught like this end up? In front of the Jan 6 riot group or worse? It is shameful.

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  1. Oh my, this is exactly what kids don’t need to learn in school or sports. It doesn’t surprise me, though, considering how too many adults behave badly these days and reflect it upon their children. I feel bad for your granddaughter and anyone else who has to suffer playing this team.

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