Friday Writings – 13


A typical winter night in the forest, chilled to the bone, hearing a lonesome howl from a hopefully far away wolf. The partially hidden moon seemed to be a telltale sign that chaos may ensue before the sunrise.

“Possibly a storm sending more icy drops my way?” Sue shivered at her thoughts. “It was certainly not my idea to camp out in this dirt pile.” Sue loved camping in the heat of summer, but Joe was an all weather camper.

Sue could have held her tongue, but she always voiced her thoughts with no filter. Her words echoed in the valley when she spoke dislike of the area. “Why not set up nearer the trees? They would shelter us if the winds turn icy. I think we’d be safer there.” Joe ignored Sue’s question. Sue being sheltered was not his priority.

Sue moved closer to the campfire and wished she had stayed home this weekend but Joe insisted. For no rhyme or reason to her it seemed, he came home obviously upset and announced they were going camping. He practically slammed the equipment into the truck and drove on in silence. Sue knew better than to try to talk to him when he’s in that mood.

Finally seeming to settle down a bit, Joe joined Sue at the campfire. She felt relieved as he put his arm around her and apologized. “Sorry, I know I was rude. I lost my job today and the only thing I could think of was to get out here and breathe fresh air. I felt like they put me in a box and checked redundant to file away. I just needed to get away.”