The Sunday Whirl


The large orb started to quiver, finally cracking open to reveal a shimmering starlike object. “We reached into space, and this is supposed to be the solution, a way to triumph over our predicament? Ridiculous!” And then the doctor sighed, his colleagues’ hopes undone in a moment.

Scientists had previously argued, but settled on retrieving a single star to solve the problem of climate change. It had come to a critical phase and now people were losing their home environments and others were simply dying, not able to adjust.

The expansive project was a last effort. Earth was dying and a new source had to be found. The population steadily increased even though everyone was aware living conditions were deteriorating. The object retrieved from the solar system was supposed to be the answer. It would filter the air to make hostile environments livable again.

Dr. Jones covered his face with his hands. “I’m sorry, I thought this was a crazy idea from the start, but I had hoped…” Suddenly the orb started glowing, emitting a “healing light” was how it was described later. It mysteriously grew until it rose into the atmosphere, completely covering the planet.


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