Is what the majority of people with low to middle incomes are doing in this year three of the pandemic. Every workplace is asking for help and there seems to be no one applying for these jobs. What is the reason?

Did people get used to the stipend provided in the beginning of the pandemic? It was certainly small and short lived, or did the idea of lazing around in pajamas on their computer/work/zoom days just ruin their ambition? I think we all know at least one of these people.

Meanwhile prices are high and constantly rising for basics required to live but also shortages make shopping difficult. And meat/poultry, even seafood recalls make me at least, wary of buying any of that. Being vaccinated and masked, keeping home, and shopping online only to be done in by E-coli? It’s almost a cruel joke!

Surviving is our hope while enduring climate change, pandemics, ridiculous dangerous politicians and our biased US Supreme Court.



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