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This week’s prompt is: Sense of Style

This week we are revisiting our foray into fashion and how you learned to express yourself through your outward appearance and adornments.


Style is always changing and who can afford to keep up with the latest? I like to be neatly dressed, of course clean, and fix my hair and a little makeup.

When working in a jewelry department I loved to dress up and wore jewelry every day, now it’s not that important to me. If my long hair is up I wear earrings.

Nowadays anything goes with underwear showing, rips and tears, showing off your “attributes” is accepted but please, no pajamas in public. However I’d prefer them to the way too short shorts and low sports bra reveals. Unless you are breast feeding in public keep your shirt on. And bikinis that are barely straps at all on top and bottom? Why bother? Go to a nude beach instead.

After being confined to a wheelchair I wear leggings to not catch on wheels and no flowing long tops for the same reason. Everything looks different when you’re constantly sitting so style doesn’t really enter into it. I love dresses but no longer wear them. I miss the days of dressing up and wearing heels but those days are over. My clothes are simple and require easy on and off. One advantage—I don’t wear out shoes anymore😂😂

⬇️⬇️I wish I looked this good😂⬇️⬇️


3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Thanks for joining us In the challenge this week. I would be terribly uncomfortable in the styles today, but I am sure my mother felt the same about my mini skirts and hot pants when I was a young adult. I saw an interesting episode on Project Runway in which one of the designers was designing garments adapted for people who depended on a wheel chair. So many people do not stop to think of the challenges of ready to wear clothing when confined to a wheelchair.

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