The Sunday Whirl


The staff was in a flutter with stories of the crystal that suddenly appeared in the drawing room. Words were on the wing about the eldest staff member, Jeeves, and how he knew the item was able to haunt its owner.

The sudden reappearance of the crystal sparked a shift in the previously calm housemaids. Always prone to lift each other’s spirits during the usual boring chores, they felt gratitude for the exciting news of a mysterious object.

While serving water to her mistress, one brave maid decided to ask about the rumors floating about in the kitchen. The mistress said of course it was a myth, but made sure the crystal was locked in a safe that only Jeeves knew the combination.

After a while the chatter died down and most forgot about the crystal altogether. No one had actually seen it except Jeeves and he was not about to bring it up.

Jeeves and the mistress kept the mystery of the crystal to themselves, but the real story went like this. The crystal was enchanted and destroyed the mistress’s family—the result of a village feud, with an evil incantation. The last remaining member of the evil family sent the crystal hoping to put a spell on Jeeves’ mistress, but he was there to save the day.


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