Chill Out

I just made the third call in a week to my electric/gas provider, switching cut off and turn on dates and times. 🙄 I must say they do not put you on hold, the people who answer the phone are extremely polite, and helpful.

What an unusual occurrence these days—helpful, polite, respectful; plus the bonus of no annoying hold music that was composed by a computer—must have been written by a computer🧐🥸

As of 5pm today, I am staying in my current apartment till December 30th, boxes and all. Well, at least so far as of 5:15pm, it’s the plan. The upside is everyone is back to work, no longer sick and our family Thanksgiving dinner is planned for Saturday.

I think Murphy might be behind all this? Whatever, I’m trying to chill like Joe cool😬


2 thoughts on “Chill Out

  1. Oh wow! I’m glad you had such a great experience with the gas company. That is unbelievable. sorry you’ll be in your currentapartment until the 30th of the month, though. XX

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