MLMM Wordle #267


It was a sad stroke of fate as Joe released his pressure on the gas pedal. The scared squirrel laid dying on the pavement, a redundant view on this country road. He didn’t see the creature, was going too fast because he was late—he was always late, and now he would be more so. His contribution to the annual family dinner was pies, the awesome concoctions made by his neighbor at the “Purely Pies” bakery she owned.

As he entered the family home he would settle in for the complete fit they would throw at him being late again. He expected them to complain as they did every year at Thanksgiving.


6 thoughts on “MLMM Wordle #267

  1. Joe’s family sounds like a very stressful bunch to deal with. Sad for the squirrel getting in Joe’s way, of course.
    I was once coming down Highway 287 from Longmont to Lafayette (Colorado) at night when two raccoons darted out in the road. Traveling at 60 MPH, I wasn’t able to stop or swerve in time. I swear that the dead raccoon remained on the median for two weeks afterward as a reminder of my vehicular homicide.

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  2. Oh, poor squirrel, but even if Joe hadn’t been speeding (he should just be grateful it was a squirrel and not a child!) the way squirrels dart and change their minds, he might not have missed it.
    Such a nice use of the words!

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