Winter has come

Cold and high winds gusting to 65mph today are typical winter fare for Cheyenne. You need a flak jacket just to take the trash!

Countdown is 13 days till move into new apartment, and even though I’m nervous about it, I am committed. My grandson came over the other night and got me started, taking down pictures and curtains. Then asked, do you feel naked yet? I said no, thinking of all the little stuff that needed to be wrapped in bubbles and not looking forward to doing that. This (handy)?? tape dispenser is supposed to be easy—not.

I’m not moving my king sized bed, and glad to be rid of it. It takes forever to make and unmake it to launder. “Picture it” as Sophia would say, squirming around trying to put the sheets on, or maybe you shouldn’t 😂 At least I’m not going to Shady Pines!

But I am starting to feel naked. I have two heavy desk drawers and a Fibber McGee closet left to do, so I’m on a roll, literally. Oh I crack myself up 🤯😱🙄.

Have a great day and take time to remember the fallen.


11 thoughts on “Winter has come

  1. Moving is never easy. There is so much stuff that we think we need until it’s time to pack it up. Then we see what is basically just stuff taking up space. Hope the move goes smoothly and you enjoy your new place.

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