MLMM Wordle #263

“What the hell is a weltanschauung?” Joe decided to toss caution to the wind and blurt out what each classmate was thinking. The Jonas sisters, Yin and Yang, added laughter to the turmoil because each girl was a secret admirer of Joe. Previously, the two girls were a blessing to Miss Fussy and would honor her each day with an apple. Their parents liked Miss Fussy and her strict curriculum.

Joe’s friend Mike added to the situation asking Miss Fussy, “Yeah, man, are you high?” Joe gave his friend a nod and the beauty of Miss Fussy’s face turning red fueled more laughter. The tone of the remaining thirty minutes of English class was chaotic.


3 thoughts on “MLMM Wordle #263

  1. Oh, I remember those “high” classmates. Mine didn’t blurt out in class, they sat there drooling. I do hope Miss Fussy defined the word for the class. Or, perhaps it was in the previous night’s text reading Joe didn’t do.

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