MLMM Wordle #261

I never tried to hide my sympathy for him, regarded as a miscreant by the general public, but when I saw Mrs. Jones swivel around after he sorrowfully pleaded for help, I was disgusted. Yes, he was ragged, had a limp and a cane, and obviously had fallen on hard times. It was cringeworthy seeing her accost the poor man, who was asking for a cup of coffee because he might freeze.

It seems people who live on rich hilltops to escape day to day living, lose sight of the real world. Instead of offering help with a mere dollar from her plaid Gucci bag, she practically spit at the man.

I suppose she thought her privacy might be invaded, or maybe it was fear of thinking she might someday be in his position. She might have been so angry because she realized this world is no longer has a fantasy/future where she could pretend to be a mermaid in a Hans Christian Andersen story.