Fandango’s Flashback Friday


MLMM Saturday Mix

The gentleman shifted in his seat. The train was exceptionally bumpy today. His suitcase toppled off the seat and onto the treaded platform. A stiff breeze rushed in the window. “I think the weather is making this trip more unpleasant than usual” he said to the young lady across from him. Miss Blake was going to ignore the man but since his case had fallen at her feet, she had no choice but to engage him. “Let me help you” as she grabbed the braided rope handgrip placing it back on the seat beside him. “Thank you, Miss. May I ask, what is your travel destination?” “Of course. I’m going to see the capital. There is a harvest festival in the area I plan on attending.” “Oh, my. . .my destination as well! An Octoberfest you say? I’m going to the capital for business, but the festival sounds inviting.” He held her eyes for a second, hoping his attempt at joining her would be accepted. “Well then, would you care to meet there? They have wonderful warm cider. Perhaps you could join me?” He noticed a sparkle in her eyes as she offered the invitation. “Delighted! Here’s my number, will you text me when and where?” “Yes.” She took the number and the train came to a stop. Both passengers left the car with a much brighter attitude than they had at the beginning of their trip.

MLMM Saturday Mix



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