Fandango’s Flash Fiction #138 – Gift Giver Goof

The tension was palpable at the scene of the accident. Joe was on his way with his gift of a small sewing machine for his best friends’ wedding, Charlie and Mike. Mike had just landed a “craft your own” business and this gift would be well used. Charlie was a costume designer for the local theater group so he would probably use the handy machine also.

Thinking he had made the perfect choice and his mind adrift, Joe had to suddenly swerve to get back in his own lane, and then to the parking area to avoid hitting the UPS truck. The UPS truck driver also swerved to the right and ended up on the steep embankment to avoid Charlie. The police were called and after his being angry episode, the UPS driver and police all had a laugh about Joe standing there, happy to have saved his wedding gift.


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