SoCS 9-25-21

Far be it for me. . .” starts out any conversation by anyone who thinks they know better than you what you should say, read, watch, wear, do, etc. Most times probably said by an elder, thinking they are possibly a wiser, more experienced person who really has no malicious intent. Key word near to my heart is possibly. It may be possible said person does know better but should they visit their opinions on you?

Ah yes, here on my blog I do say what I think and I’m definitely older but no wiser. More experienced in some things yes, but did I learn anything? Sometimes. I think I’m a creature of habit, doomed to repeat mistakes even though I shouldn’t. But hey, life is short, about the time you think you have it figured out, something changes. Keep your running shoes near!

6 thoughts on “SoCS 9-25-21

  1. Far be it from me is usually a good indication that you shouldn’t say it. The other day, a person my husband knows says “I don’t mean to sound racist…” at which point my husband said, “If you have to say that first, what follows is probably going to be racist, so don’t.” The guy shut up:-)

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