Living alone definitely has some advantages. I was thinking this today as I drank straight out of the orange juice bottle in my fridge. There are more:

1. Not having to close the bathroom door when taking a shower or shaving or—

2. Not sharing the remote, watching anything anytime you want

3. Eating any time of day, no three meals a day

4. Singing, dancing or listening to any music with no complaint

5. Small loads of laundry, small electric and water and grocery bills

6. Waking and sleeping on my own schedule

7. Room temperature control

Then of course the disadvantages:

1. Always showering alone😳

2. No interesting conversations about a movie or tv show while watching

3. No sharing meals

4. I don’t dance anymore and I never could sing

No disadvantage on 5 or 7.

6. I won’t expand on this😅

What are yours?🧐🤓


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