My hair stood on end, a shiver raced down my spine, and a lump came to my throat when I realized what I had done. I stood looking for a minute, unsure of what to do. Then I leaned over for a better look. There was life left, moaning heard, and his hand started twitching. I knelt down and words started tumbling out of me, apologizing, repeating “I’m sorry”. The old man opened his eyes and tried to speak, put his hand on my arm and just smiled. Smiled? Incredulous–I thought he must be so shocked he doesn’t know I had just run him over with my car.

My car, where the front seat held an empty bottle of champagne lifted from my bachelor party. My car that I drove so stupidly, carelessly that I hit an old man crossing the street. My car, driven by a thoughtless drunk that is now sobering up quickly.

His hand stopped twitching, dropped by his side, the smile faded and his eyes fluttered one last time. I couldn’t help him. I started crying, silently, watching the life disappear from his body.

The entire happening had been observed by a woman at a window. Even the approaching sirens and lights didn’t faze me. I think I’ll never stop crying.



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