SoCS 8-28-21


My oh my…it certainly is deja-vu when reading the news. Covid cases are up, hospitals full, medical personnel are running ragged and very discouraged. A few “nonbelievers” still fight the system, proven facts and medical advice, wanting their personal freedom over their children’s lives, wanting to go everywhere not wearing a mask even for their own protection. Really, is it too much to ask?

Not according to people languishing in hospital beds now begging for a vaccine dose, some even going public with pleas to the unvaccinated maskless idiots. Yes that is harsh, but maybe we need harsh now, with thousands of people in the US hospitalized, more dying every day, that these misdeeds of the public have caused to drift down to our children. Covid does not care about age or gender.

It’s time to oust these leaders who threaten teachers and parents who choose to mask up, and take them off their Hitler-like podiums and put sensible minds in their place.

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