Fandango’s Flashback Friday

Share Your World 8-27-18

Hi De Ho fellow citizens of the blogging world! How’s old WP treating you? I hope it’s just fine. Monday and it is getting cooler each week, thank you, thank you. I believe I have an outing on Thursday but plans may change, so you never know. I just go with the flow. And it flows rather quickly. Thanks again to Ceenphotography.comwho is challenging us with another set of getting to know you questions and here are my answers:

1. Let me start by saying I love nuts of any kind and I’m not just talking about the weird humans kind. I find that even though I grew up eating walnuts, I’m now allergic to them, which is a pita because I feel they are a necessary ingredient in my banana bread, and other recipes.

2. I have two closet doors facing my bed. One is always closed, hoarding what used to be necessary items. The other door is partially open because of hooks holding a cloth shoe rack with pockets that hold most everything besides two pairs of shoes, such as gloves, scarves, etc.

3. I am usually on time. Being picked up by other people or a bus, I don’t have a choice. A couple of weeks ago I was being driven to Denver by my grandson, who is always early. We had to leave by five AM so I set my alarm for four. At five he knocks on my door and I’m fast asleep, having set my alarm for PM instead of AM. Luckily I could get ready in less than thirty minutes and we ended up early to our Denver appointment.

As ever it will be, I am so grateful to have a loving family. And my oldest sister (88) just got an email account. She’s a wonder, still as funny as ever. You can’t keep a good woman down.❤️