Stumbling over a curb, I stood up, adjusted my glasses and looked straight ahead into the most beautiful sight in my twenty-two years. I nearly bumped straight into him, as he bent to help me up. What a gentleman, I immediately thought and as my imagination took over, I pictured my rescuer as a knight, but where was the white horse? I smiled at this thought as I often do, leaving others to wonder what I’m thinking. I’m not proud of it, it just happens.

He smiled back and it was then I realized he was still holding my hand and a tiny feeling ran through my arm, straight to my heart. Early, you think, unexpected, agreed, but pleasant all the same. He was observing my dress, and my bloodied knee, offering a handkerchief to dab it. What man even carries a handkerchief these days you ask, but not a surprise to me as he was a knight–of sorts, I believed.

Only then did I dare take in his appearance, as he knelt down to attend my knee. He had dark brown wavy hair, darkened skin tone and was dressed casually. He turned up his face to me and then I saw those blue eyes. I think I could have fainted at that point, the concern in those bright blues was overwhelming. What is it about eyes? They may be the window of our souls, but to me his were a magnet, especially this pair, looking up and straight into my own soul.

This was our first encounter, and now, many years later, I still feel his magnetism, still feel the thrill at his touch, and thank the gods for my clumsiness on that day.


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