Take it or leave it

My perfect upstairs neighbor is moving today😭. He has been quiet, peaceful, no raucous guests or parties, no leaving dogs in a bathroom to fight all day and turn on the faucet to flood my apartment below, so he has been A#1 in my book.

Living in this complex for seven years I have had them all. Especially since I live in a building of all singles and the USAF base nearby houses a lot of people here. Yes, it makes for gorgeous scenery in my trips out of my dungeon, but I’m probably the oldest resident here in this area. I don’t mind the occasional party or loud music, or midnight vacuuming.

I could have run out to his truck to beg him to stay, but nah. That’s about as crazy as when I considered leaving a note on the motorcycle guy’s ride asking if he would take me for a spin. 😅🤪. I’m kidding, but life is short —sometimes you have to go with your gut.


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