MMA Storytime – Change

Short or tall, fat or thin

Do you like the clothes you’re in?

Winter can disguise your shape

Heavy fabric, coats draped

Summer does not appeal

Every nuance is revealed

In the fitting rooms to change

Hoping you can rearrange

A bulge here or wrinkle there

But does anyone really care?

Do your thing, all is well

Especially when temps begin to swell.


5 thoughts on “MMA Storytime – Change

  1. This sack of skin. This walking curse
    That clothing makes look somehow worse
    It limps around. It shuns the light
    It keeps the truth withheld from sight

    It breaks the mirror, looks away
    Within your view it cannot stay
    For what is clothing, but a mask?
    That hides the question you can’t ask
    And makes of which you cannot see
    A poorly hidden mystery
    A camouflage from foot to neck
    To decorate this hulking wreck
    Aching back and shaking knees
    Life. That inescapable disease
    A place where lovers used to dance
    No longer worth a second glance
    No more tempting to your taste
    Where once you lay, now laid to waste
    The moles, the holes, the battle scars
    From nights it stayed and played in bars
    To laugh and love. To lie. Pretend
    That this day would never end

    So now this sack, these shaking knees
    Are carrying the memories
    There is no mask, no cape, no clothes
    With which I’d ever cover those.

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