Cyranny’s 1MinFiction

“It doesn’t look too far up Joey, I think we can make it”.

“I don’t know, it’s getting dark already and mom is sure to want us home!”

“Don’t be a wuss, Joey. We saw what we saw and I want to check it out!”

“I’m not a wuss, but mom is going to be mad!”

“Are you coming or not?”

The ten year old twins struggled up the hill trying to find what they thought they saw, a flying saucer. After an hour of searching and finding no evidence, they went home. Neither boy told their mom of their adventure when they walked in the door. It was only after they settled in their bunk beds staring out at the night sky that they saw it again. A streak of light zooming across the sky from an oval shaped silver object.

Both boys hurriedly scrambled under their covers.


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