6 thoughts on “From CNN:

  1. That the word ‘ordinary’ can find its way into a sentence about putting weapons specifically designed to enable mass human death into the hands of the general public would be laughable if someone had not actually said it.

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  2. These numbers are incredibly troubling, Cheryl. I couldn’t find the numbers for 2019, but in 2018, we had a total of 249 homicides by gun, here in Canada. 143 of these involved handguns. According to the article’s numbers that means that you have almost 45 times more murders by handguns than we do… With just 6 times our population. Sad, sad, sad. And worrying too.

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  3. I clicked ‘like’ because I’m pleased that you highlighted that federal judge’s disgusting act. I told my son about it and he feels the same way I do… now he keeps coming up with facts and statistics that show how the lax gun laws in the US are doing far more harm than good.

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