SoCS 5-1-21

Who knew we would still be alive and kicking in May 2021? May I just say I am relieved! My family is vaccinated except for the two youngest grandkids and all is well. May brings a confirmation on Sunday and a high school graduation on the 28th. Mother’s Day fits in this month along with May 1st childhood favorite – Mayday. We picked flowers for baskets to secretly put on neighbors’ doors, and our one room school house danced around a maypole. Gotta love May!

9 thoughts on “SoCS 5-1-21

  1. May is always beautiful and encourages visiting with family and friends. Secretly leaving flowers at neighbors’ doors is lovely. I am going to put it on my calendar for next year.

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    1. Another fave activity this time of year was holding US flags, trekking up to the cemetery singing patriotic songs and then putting the flags on soldiers graves. Sounds solemn but was a positive act of patriotism

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