The Sunday Whirl 4-18-21

Exercising his arm in preparation, Joe moved it around, applying pressure on his elbow for a good stretch. Any pain the anti-virus shot caused would soon drift away. It was just a precaution and he took it secretly from the rest of the group. His companions all gathered around the old cabin’s hearth, rambling on about how to design the fuse to the powder.

Joe was to be the deliverer of the bomb as he had planned from the start when the first flicker of the plan was discussed in FBI headquarters. Being an undercover agent infiltrating this group of wannabe militants was Joe’s current assignment. This night he was primed to spring into action as other agents were secretly on the prowl outside the group’s location.

Huddled in conversation, the fireplace roaring, Joe gave a signal and the teargas containers started to fly into the cabin. Another violent act deterred, Joe thought–just another day at the office.


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