SoCS 3-13-21

A year of not going out to shop in stores, or to our small mall which is emptying as we speak, and other small businesses boarded up, there’s not a lot to be found here in Cheyenne. Non maskers everywhere because of our weak kneed governor and congresspeople, except for Liz Chaney who had their b—-to stand up and vote to impeach T. You’re not going to change these good ol’ boys minds no matter what. But I digress. Wait! Thought I was done? Dream on! I think those congresspeople who did not vote for the relief package and stalled so long should not receive the benefits of it. Maybe then their constituents would consider voting differently. JMO.

Going on to my personal year which unlike most of you, was not entirely different than my usual. I live alone in a small apartment and have my daughter and husband, grandkids close in the downtown area. I keep my cel phone by my side in case I need anything because there is always someone who can come to my aid if needed. I could not attend my oldest grandson’s wedding in June which was a huge disappointment, and two of my granddaughters couldn’t have a regular college graduation, and no high school graduation which all happened this year, but we all survived. The birthday get togethers were all skipped until my 18 year old grandson had his this month.

We are healthy and that is such a blessing, we can’t really feel bad for ourselves. It’s the lack of government under T and his followers who aided in the over 520,000 deaths from Covid and is still climbing. Acting for himself only, ignored expert and scientific evidence to curtail any early efforts to contain the virus and even now his people are pushing the limits again. This is the “Jaws” version for those people–it’s not safe to. . .

I take solace in my small space with blogging–reading yours, writing mine, and keeping in touch by email with distant family. I hope you all have a good weekend. We were told that snow would deluge our area and so far it’s only a hazy misty morning. Yesterday my daughter and husband came to make sure I had everything I need for a week just in case. Gotta love ’em🥰❤️👍🏻

Harry Potter birthday with four of the culprits:

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