Am I missing something?

Ok have your laugh – I know you want to. . . And no it’s certainly not the first time. I just started seeing comments and if I put a star meaning I read it and liked it, an unapproved check shows! What’s up with that? Then if I uncheck it to just show approve, it goes into a yellow list of comments.

Btw, the iPhone doesn’t have the option under view site like my Samsung did so I can’t check spam etc easily. It’s been so long I didn’t need to put the whole url in the top of google, I’ve forgotten how to do it. Are you beside yourself laughing now? No doubt!

Oh and I find I have to type in whole addresses even though I have predictive in the iPhone🙄

Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Am I missing something?

  1. I’ve been using an iPhone for many years. I only use it to access the WordPress app, and read the blogs I get email notifications for. Typing on that phone rarely ends well for me.

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