MLMM Wordle – 1-26-21


“The top reason for the weekend cause celebre being to clear the air about a certain avant-garde proposition, possibly made in the heat of the moment? I speak to you in confidence, of course.”

“It began as a simple magic trick, a slight twist of a rope, which in Rupert’s defense, should have ended in a moment of splendor. Instead it left Zelda crouching in an inextricable heap on the tile.”

“Unbeknownst to Rupert, being an amateur at both love and magic, a spell was cast by a hidden observer. I’m telling you, Bea, that scoundrel James did it. It appears everyone knew of James’ extreme jealousy, except dear Rupert.”

“I should not want you to repeat this information, Bea, dear, as I’m speaking to you in strictest confidence, and I trust it will go no further.”


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