Rory’s Chocolate Box


  1. Yosemite Sam
  2. Yes, unfortunately
  3. Day, at night I can’t sleep
  4. I’ve never had sex in snow or frosting but both sound like fun
  5. Only three? Laughing at the wrong time
  6. Too much alone time
  7. Calling my son’s new wife by the old one’s name in conversation
  8. Cool, great, f
  9. Fudge, pie, chocolates
  10. It’s not a favorite, but on my mind, I know not why: California by Savage Garden
  11. Camisole and panties – btw, I hate the word panties, always have, I prefer underwear
  12. iHop veggie omelet
  13. Of course I love red but being a redhead don’t wear it, I prefer teal or navy
  14. Peach tea, sweetened with ice
  15. What? RU kidding me? Longjohns 😅
  16. I have an old needs to be replaced king size, preferably with a double, half for use as a desk
  17. I’m flexible, in mind if not body
  18. Go to the bathroom.



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