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“The sky’s the limit” might be what the members of the Trump administration thought, coming into the White House in 2016.

Surely that’s what they thought, or wished would happen, along with Trump’s promise of fame and fortune. probably emphasis on the latter.

At this point I cannot help but doubt that any one of those people had their oaths in mind, for service to and for the people. I think this because if they initially had a moral responsibility to fulfill their job, and soon found out that their leader had duped them, they should have left.

I was born, grew up and live in the United States, and I respect the heritage we earned.

Now I look at what has happened in the last four years and I am ashamed. These people now fleeing as if all of a sudden they woke up to realize how horrible Trump was and how he was destroying our heritage sickens me.

How can any of them look themselves in the mirror and now say it was all Trump’s fault? He is culpable, but so are every one of them.

As far as I am concerned every single person who aided and abetted Trump should go to jail with him. The worst I see as a grandmother, is the destruction of an institution that will take my grandchildren’s generations years to repair.

No forgiveness from me.

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  1. In the early morning of 2016, I woke up to learn that Trump had won the election and I cried. Literally cried. I knew in my heart that his term was not going to go or end well, but little did I know how horrible that Trump and his supporters would be. It’s not just the Republican politicians who are to blame, but it is the religious leaders, the news agencies, citizens and hate groups who supported him the entire time. To abandon now and say Trump is wrong, is too late. We all have a responsibility to ensure civility in our democracy at all times, not just when the frying pan gets too hot.

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