“I say, young man, remove yourself from my property immediately! Get away from those flowers!” The gruff man’s words seemed not to be heard as the boy took no exception and continued to gather and add to his mob of daisies.

Thomas was walking home from school in his usual lackadaisical manner, kicking at pebbles, or petting the stray cat at his feet. He started thinking about his mom as soon as he saw the daisies. He didn’t know why she liked them so much as they did not appear special to him. The more he thought about his mother, he decided to pick some of the daisies and give them to her.

Always a loving child, Thomas had been in a world of his own since he was born. Outside disturbances didn’t bother him, and he did not hear the old man’s warning. Thomas was about to take one more and because he had small hands, he dropped it, surprised to see a pair of shoes in front of him as he bent to pick it up.

“Now see what you’ve done, interfered with my garden, taken the roots and everything. . .” At that moment he really looked at the young thief, realized he had scared him. “It is not my intention to scare you child, but you should have asked if you wanted those daisies.”

Thomas stepped back suddenly, coming out of his own thoughts to see the man in front of him was mad about something. He started to hand the flowers to the man. Thomas scared red face softened the man’s heart. “Go ahead, keep them.” He gestured this to Thomas and put the flowers back in Thomas’ hand.

Both the man and the boy learned something that day.


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