Fandango’s Flashback Friday 11-27-20

“See that? Wonder what she did!” Jasper was hobbling down the street with his old friend Jacob and pointed out the headlines on the newspaper. “It was true all along. Remember that day we were fishing in the lake? I’ll never forget.”

Jacob remembered it well, even had nightmares about it, still. The very thought of ever seeing that monster again gave him the shivers.

About ten years ago, the two men were lazily fishing in a small row boat on Loch Ness. They were not afraid at the time, thinking all the myths and rumors were rubbish. After quite a few bottles of beer were drained and carelessly tossed into the drink, Jacob laid back in the boat and fell asleep. Jasper watched the lines hoping to get a bite. He woke up Jacob as he felt a strong tug on his line. They were concentrating on this when a huge wave almost toppled the boat.

Looking up they saw Nessie, pulling a flipper out of the water, as she tossed the floating beer bottles back into the boat. Then she disappeared as quickly as she came. The men never fished the lake or trashed waterways again. Apparently, Nessie didn’t take kindly to polluters.


Fandango’s Flashback Friday — November 27

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