MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt

Oh, that’s a bunch of bunk! You nerds would believe anything, but it’s all science fiction, the operative word here, gentlemen, is fiction! Your arguments about HG Wells, J Verne, G Orwell, sure, they were right sometimes, but mostly it was just conjecture. If there was a planet near us like this, don’t you think NASA would have told us by now?

Not really, especially if they knew the creatures that lived there were omnivores!

Joe just shook his head, hearing them laughing. The “documentary” was absolutely a fake, using CGI. He was going to bring up that point just as he heard a noise in the backyard. Joining his brothers, they investigated. On the lawn was a Jestsons type vehicle and two tiny beings stepped onto the grass.

Hi there! We’re your new neighbors from Quadrant Two!