Judy’s How Now

How now ground round

With only veggies used

Add some beets for a color ruse

Onions, carrots, maybe some spinach?

How many veggies are actually in it?

I must admit I love a good burger

But veggie ones need to develop further

So how now ground round

Shall I try a turkey?

No soy for me, that’s just malurkey

How now answer? Pick the leanest

Dress it up, you know what I meanest

Don’t cook too long, add some zest

You’ll barely miss all the fatty mess.


Of course now I’m craving a great one from Two Doors Down.


How Now. . . .?

3 thoughts on “Judy’s How Now

  1. And now I am, as well, but I’ll have to wait until 3 pm tomorrow..I’m in my 18 hour fast period..No wonder I dream about ground round!!! Thanks for answering the challenge…I’ll put a link to my blog if you didn’t already…

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