dVerse Poets – Quadrille


My apologies to serious poets with this flimsy excuse for poetry. 🤪


Push or pull

Now or never

Temporary or forever

Love is fickle so they say

Shall I go or shall I stay

Magnetically, I’m drawn to you

Wish it wasn’t, but it’s true

Think about you way too much

Life without you sucks.


Quadrille #114 – Poetical Magnetism

11 thoughts on “dVerse Poets – Quadrille

    1. Just because you asked ….

      Ignore your growing scepticism
      Withhold your boring altruism
      Like me, you are an organism
      Not without some fetishism
      Don’t say no. No decision
      Surrender to my magnetism
      See the future, share my vision
      Feed my hungry egotism
      Narcissism, fatalism
      A healthy dose of cynicism

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