FFftPP – Broken Burglar

“Georgie, you know how I hate exercising, and the weights? Too much too soon, buddy. I only got out of the joint a few days ago!”

“Look, if we’re going to do this next gig, you need to be in shape! No more scaling rooftops when you’re looking like you do now!” Georgie shakes his head in disgust. “I know that food ain’t great, hell, I’ve been there! Remember when the cops arrested me back in ’79, with that bag of cash? That was stupid, but a few years inside didn’t come close to the shape you’re in. Did you even go out in the yard?”

“Are you kidding? After Big Joe Joppler tuned me up the second day, they let me stay inside.”

“Well that explains it. No exercise, cooped up eating all those cheap starchy meals, just look at you. Damn! And we have a job lined up for next week. I guess you’ll have to drive. No way you’ll be doing any tricky outside moves. Here, at least put the sneakers on and take a walk.”



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