MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt


“Ever heard of the Chinese shuffle?” Joe always tried to impress his poker buddies with a bit of card play. He demonstrated, expecting a laugh from them, but the hour was late and they were tired. It didn’t help that Joe’s chip piles were substantially larger than theirs.

“Ever heard of this?” George pulled out a revolver and laid it on the table beside his cards. “Now deal!”

Joe was shocked to find the newest player to the group so frightening. He started fumbling with the cards and unintentionally dropped one in his lap. He was so nervous he didn’t notice the error, but George did. The game went on with lucky Joe being the winner as usual. The lost card would have made George the winner.

George once again lifted the revolver and pointed it at Joe. “So, winning again, Joe? Stand up and let’s see what you’re hiding.” Joe did as he was told and to his surprise, the missing card fell on the table. “See? I knew you were cheating all along!” George grabbed Joe’s chips and threw them around the table to the other players. Everyone abruptly left Joe sitting there. Now Joe does his shuffling tricks at home, alone.