The Monday Peeve 8-31-20

Paula may not have one but I certainly do, since it just happened for the fourth time in as many days. My new neighbor moved in Friday and has an alarm on their phone. It must be on vibrate, no music, etc. When it’s still pitch dark outside it goes off repeatedly. This morning I counted it. 37+ buzzes repeat til it’s shut off and then put on “repeat every five minutes”. This goes on till 6:45am and the person must finally get out of bed. This morning I contemplated yelling, “Get the —- up!” But I didn’t and won’t. So any suggestions?

Personally, if I need an alarm I set it once. Repeating it just makes me lay there miserable.

9 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve 8-31-20

  1. Set your alarm to go off at 6 AM and then go out to the store and leave your alarm on to annoy them, maybe they will get the message. If you don’t go out to the store, you may want to get earplugs and headphones.

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