SoCS – Brush

Our infamous leader in the US is trying to brush off his abhorring conduct with an appeal at the last moments (I hope) of his presidency. Demeaning, using, belittling, and victimizing women all of his life and now this? No way, T!

Vote, people, as if Ms. Anthony was by your side!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 22/2020

11 thoughts on “SoCS – Brush

  1. Like he said ‘only he’ can rescue Susan B Anthony from her crimes. How did he hold himself back from saying ‘see I rescued a nasty woman !’. Talk about feigned magnificence. Perhaps the GA in MAGA stands for grotesquely abhorrent.

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    1. If you removed every rational bone from your body. And even went so far as to remove the rational brain the effect would still be the same. And yes he has the same disgusting effect on me. He is the miscarriage of oath taking.

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  2. And, yet, there are still too many people in this country who side with his hatred, bigotry, disrespect, narcissism, dirty play and fake Christianity. I hope for the love of God and our country that T is soon fired and evicted.

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