ODP: Utter

My heart is all aflutter

When I see melting butter

Has a taste like no other

Love I never fail to utter

I may even start to mutter

Licking lips with no sputter

Clear my plate of other clutter

I want only pancakes with my butter!



8 thoughts on “ODP: Utter

  1. Oh! Such bliss I find in food
    Made to elevate my mood
    When I find the world defeating
    I find such solace in my eating
    With such a sense of luvvin’
    As you bend over the oven
    That I can’t help but staring
    At the apron you are wearing
    My legs begin to tremble
    As I watch the meal assemble
    To await the coming hour
    When your creation I devour
    I’m feeling fine, please pour the wine
    Sit beside me as we dine
    And then a glass of red
    Before we repose in bed

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