Five Favorite Sandwiches

Just reading other posts here, I’m hungry!

1. Denny’s Super Bird. I copied and made this for customers when working at a sundries shop in an office building. It’s not easy because the tomato tends to slide off when grilling.😄


2. Tuna Salad. My version is: Chicken of the Sea brand white albacore tuna packed in water, with fresh lemon squeezed over it, sweet relish, chopped onion, celery, mayo and mustard. I’m not really a lettuce person, but lettuce and tomato added on the toasted bread or just the tuna salad in a tomato is good as a main dish lunch.

3. Grilled cheese of course, who doesn’t like this sandwich? Dark or seeded bread with sharp Vermont cheese is my choice, or the old sliced American cheese always good.

4. Patty Melt : Basically an oval shaped lean beef cheeseburger to fit two slices of buttered grilled rye bread. Grilled onions may be added. There are many versions of this classic.

5. Philly Cheesesteak:


Writing this and it’s 1:30 with no breakfast or lunch, I realize I like hot fattening sandwiches best and now extremely hungry. But I have tuna ingredients, so I’d better get making it! As Julia Child always finished her program: “Bon appetit!”


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    1. My granddaughter brought me a Subway meatball sandwich for dinner tonight! Been a while since I’ve had one of those. He was out of chips so gave her free cookies and drinks!😄

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