Hair Salon?


“Of course I’m pleased, Sara!” Foggie admired her reflection in the sea. “I enjoy being different. See all the ordinary lighthouses up and down the coast? Why would I want to look like everyone else? And this new spiky updo? You are the best! I also appreciate you coming to me, because of course I must remain stationery. Not everyone would be so accommodating.”

Foggie was just one of the appreciative lighthouse structures in the world. Sara had flown to remote locations to serve her loyal customers. One of the things she enjoyed most about these excursions was the gossip. As in any beauty parlor, there were always interesting stories related by the clientele.

“Well Foggie, I must be going now. I have to catch a red eye to New England. They really are not served well there, and hardly any difference between customers. But I’m gaining on them and soon they will each have their own personality. Toodleoo!”


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