Therapy Session

I always need something to look forward to, keeps me level, well at least as level as I’m ever gonna get🙄🤪.

Today I’m feeling claustrophobic in my home, being respectful of the medical community wishes to keep us safe, while the honcho in charge of our country heeds the words of a renown medical charlatan.

Distractions such as writing, which always soothes my mind– now doesn’t really–as my thoughts turn to what’s going on and how frustrating it is not being able to help in some way.



3 thoughts on “Therapy Session

  1. Thanks for participating. I hope you can find something more relevant to your own life to keep your mind occupied. I really like that quote:
    For greater peace of mind, retire as general manager of the universe.”
    I get caught up in exploring ways to change everybody’s thinking, but I do want to find some peace — until the universe lets me know it needs me. 😉

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